Day 1 - Wednesday December 11
08:00 Welcome: Erwin Offeciers
08:15 Bony Obliteration Tympanoplasty - Why How What: Erwin Offeciers
09:30 Middle Ear Biology: Andrzej Zarowski
10:00 Retraction: Huib van Waegeningh
10:15 Cholesteatoma: Robert Jan Pauw
10:45 Meatocanaloplasty: Joost van Dinther
11:00 Radiology in COM: Bert De Foer - Jan Casselman
Intermezzo with LIVE SURGERY
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Dissection: Meatoplasty/Bone Grafting/Canal Wall Up Approach: Mastoidectomy/Canaloplasty/Posterior Tympanotomy/Ossiculoplasty
Intermezzo with LIVE SURGERY
18:00 Invited Honorary Lecture - Milan Profant
18:30 Drinks at the European Institute for ORL-HNS
20:00 Free Evening: Hit the Town!

Day 2 - Thursday December 12
08:30 Implementation of BOT: Robert Jan Pauw
09:30 Dissection: Bony Obliteration: Sculpture of Bonechips/Bone Paté
Intermezzo with LIVE SURGERY
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Obliteration of an Unstable Cavity: Andrzej Zarowski
13:30 Dissection: Canal Wall Down/Cavity Reconstruction: Sculpture of Bonechips/Wall Reconstruction/Bone Paté
Intermezzo with LIVE SURGERY
19:00 Course Dinner

Day 3 - Friday December 13
08:30 Subtotal Petrosectomy: Huib van Waegeningh
09:30 Dissection: Subtotal Petrosectomy
Intermezzo with LIVE SURGERY
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Results: Jean-Philippe Vercruysse, Huib van Waegeningh, Joost van Dinther
13:30 Case Presentation: attendants are encouraged to present a case: Bert De Foer, Joost van Dinther
Intermezzo with LIVE SURGERY
15:00 Feedback Forms & Adjourn