Antwerp Preparation for Auditory Implants Course

The Antwerp PAI Course: 1st (25-26 June 2015) - 2nd (1-2 October 2015)
After many decades of experience in teaching ear surgery we realized the need for a surgical course devoted to basic steps in preparation for different types of Auditory Implants (including
Cochlear Implants). Participation in this course should precede participation in the device-specific courses organized by the manufacturers. In our fully equipped Skillslab we will teach you all the practical skills needed to perform a state-of-the-art surgery for Auditory Implants. In short theoretical lectures we will explain the basic principles of the surgical approaches, but the main accent of the course will remain the practical instruction during the hands-on drilling sessions spread over two consecutive days. Each participant will be able to perform the surgical steps in two temporal bones.

Erwin Offeciers, Thomas Somers, Andrzej Zarowski, Joost van Dinther

The Antwerp PAI Course is spread over two consecutive days. Hands-on training on two temporal bones is combined with lectures on the basic techniques that should be mastered in surgery for Auditory Implants.

Registrations are based on a first registered first served basis.
The course fee (dinner included) is € 1150.

See you soon in Antwerp!
Brochure 1st Antwerp PAI Course
Brochure 2nd Antwerp PAI Course