About Skillslab


The rules of the organization and management of the Skillslab are written in our by-laws. These by-laws are not public available. For more information about our by-laws mail to

How to use the Skillslab:

  1. Never use a table without online registration (you can still do this at the table)
  2. Check the microscope, the camera, the monitor, the computer and the table on damage before you start working
  3. Turn on the ventilation system on your table
  4. Clean the specimen with water in case of formaldehyde fixation
  5. Clean the table and all the equipment after you are finished
  6. Use the special containers for your specimen
  7. Turn off all the equipment (microscope, camera, monitor, computer)
  8. Turn off the ventilation system
  9. Turn off the lights
  10. Close and lock the doors